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Richard Cooper Studio. Wren & Rowan Berries Ltd Edition

  • £270.00

Wren with Rowan
Foundry Cast Solid Bronze Sculpture
By Keith Sherwin
Hand Painted Wren
Ltd Edition 150 pieces
Supplied in a Wooden Box

Height 14 cm
Length 12.5 cm

Height: 14cm x Width: 12.5cm x Depth: 7.5cm Weight: 295g

Superb Sculpture by Keith Sherwin
Certificate with all details with Sculpture

The soft markings on this hugely popular bird are contrasted with the red of the Rowan berry. Although the Wren is so small it has the most astonishingly loud song, being more powerful than a crowing cockerel. This attractive composition from Keith Sherwin is presented in a wood case with an edition of 150 pieces.

This stunning Wren is made in solid foundry bronze using the ancient method of lost wax casting. The design is finished by the art of patination where various acids are applied to the surface of the bronze and heat applied to create a deep rich brown patina. The bird and foliage are delicately hand painted using artist's oils. Then bronze is then sealed with a special wax which further enhances the colour and protects the bronze for years to come.
Your Wren is beautifully presented in a wooden presentation box containing a signed certificate of authenticity. The bronze is engraved with the sculptor’s signature and limited edition number, matching the certificate enclosed.

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