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Tom's Drag Puss in Boots

  • £149.95

 Toms Drag Company.
Fairy Tale collection 
Cat Figure 
Puss in Boots

Hand made in marmorine.
Product code: TD4110

Height     32 cm
Depth      22 cm
Sizes are Approximate

Fairy tail cat the clever Puss in Boots is from the Perrault Fairy tale about the 
Marquis of Carbos. 
The Jacket is decorated with Rhinestones a truly handsome Figurine

Toms Drag Cats are lively & fun; these fantastic & original figures 
are made from a mixture of marble and synthetic resin. 
All are hand painted then decorated with numerous details, including glitter feather and ribbons.
Each sculpture is a unique piece of art, 
most are inspired by the different characters in the world around us.
If you are a Cat Lover or collector no doubt you will find what you are looking for in this collection.
Surprise a loved one with one of these wonderful cats from Toms Drag.

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