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Moonie "The Humming Friend" Rabbit Plush Toy - Powder

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Moonie "The Humming Friend" is a beautiful, soft cuddly plush bunny that helps babies to sleep. Moonie has five natural calming sounds recorded in the natural environment Womb, Wind, Forest Stream, Sea Waves and Rain. According to paediatric research pink and white noise helps babies to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, cry less, calm more quickly and build a proper sleep routine. Moonie is also a delicate night lamp with five different modes of calming light and seven different colour effects, making the product attractive to toddlers. 

It is USB re chargeable and when the sound module is removed the product is completely washable.


SOOTHING SOUND – White and Pink noise will lead to better and restful sleep of your little one,
SMART CRY DETECTOR – will intelligently maintain your baby’s sleep by restarting every time it detects moaning or crying,
NIGHT LIGHT LAMP –  reminds babies conditions from the mum’s womb and helps to overcome bedtime fears,
USB RECHARGABLE – it takes about 3hrs to fully charge completely flat battery. When full it will provide 8-10hrs of continuous work depending on the mode.
WASHABLE – unlike other white noise toys MOONIE features removable sound device that makes it easy to wash it in a washing machine at 40 degrees. NO INTERNAL WIRING.

– MOONIE Rabbit Plush Toy,
– Rechargeable white/pink noise machine with the night light lamp
– USB Charging Cable
– Instructions in English

The product has a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty



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